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Junior Infants Booklist 2022-2023


● Busy at Maths (Junior Infants) (CJ FALLON)


● Just Phonics 26 sounds - (Educate)

● Sounds make Words Phonological Awareness (Folens)

● Go With The Flow A - (CJ Fallon)

● €5 towards rental of class readers*



● Explore With Me Junior Infants (Edco)



● Welcome to Well-Being: Book A Meet Mo and Ko

Folders & Copies:

● A4 Ziplock Plastic Folder x 2

● A5 Plastic Wallets x4

● 15 Project Copy x 1

● Blank Day Copy x 2

● 20mm Sums Copy x 2

● 10 x 15 Scrapbook x 1



● Pritt Stick (x3)

● Dry-wipe whiteboard markers x 4

● Four-pack of playdough (Playdoh brand please)

● 3 Triangular Pencils

● 2 Packets of Crayola Twistable Crayons



● Navy trousers

● Navy Jumper

● Blue shirt

● Red Tie

● Navy tracksuit

● Blue polo shirt



● School bags with wheels and shoes or runners with laces are discouraged.

● Please write your son’s name on his coat, jumpers, ties, school bag and lunch boxes.

● Please put lunch into 2 separate lunch boxes, one for small fruit break and the other for big lunch!

● Please cover & label all your child’s books on the outside of the front cover.



All of the above booklist (including twistables & pencils etc...) should be put into a separate plastic bag, the only thing that should be in their school bag on the 1st day is their lunch. The plastic bag with all their labelled belongings can be left at the back of the classroom.

*€55 contribution (many of you may have already paid part of this)

towards the cost of the following:

● Arts and Crafts

● Class reader rentals

● Dabbledoo Music Programme

● Bua na Cainte Irish Programme

● Photocopying, Laminating,

● Copies, Hardback books, Scrapbooks

● Classroom based Curricular Resources

● 24/7 insurance for each pupil

E-Payment link will been sent via Aladdin. If you do not receive it please

contact the office:

Books can be purchased at:

Academy Books, Southgate; Opening Minds, Laurence’s Centre Drogheda or Online

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