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-Communicating with School Staff

Procedure for Communicating with School Staff

(Please note the term Parent as used in this document refers to parent, guardians or others in loco parentis. Outside agencies refer to other bodies directly concerned with a pupil`s welfare e.g. Psychologists, social workers, public health nurse, occupational therapist, )

The School Journal is the first source of communication between the parent and the child`s teacher. Homework given provides an excellent reference point for work done during the school day. And from time to time the pupil will also be encouraged to note any event in which his class is participating and whether he requires any additional material, equipment or money for same. It is important that the parent check this every day so that he/she is au fait with the student`s class needs, as well as his class work.

The parent is also encouraged in the first instance, to make any written communications to the class teacher through the note system at the end of each week and also the templates at the end of journal.

The school also regularly sends home notes to keep you updated with school events. In keeping with our green school themes we try to keep these notes to a minimum.

Formal parent teacher meetings are held each year. Usually this is in the first term for Senior Infants to 6th class and in the second term in the case of Junior Infants.

Should a parent or teacher need to request a meeting outside these times an appointment MUST be made in advance to facilitate both parties, even for what may be expected to be the briefest of meetings.

Good communication between parents, outside agencies and the staff is highly valued in our school. However it is important for parents and agencies to realise that teachers, along with delivering a broad curriculum, also have duties to lots of other children in their care. While endeavouring to meet you at our earliest convenience, please be mindful of this fact and be aware that an immediate appointment is not possible with either the teachers or the principal.

With this in mind, we would ask outside agencies to be aware that we have not got the space to accommodate any meetings which do not pertain directly with the school eg between social worker and child.

Parents and other outside agencies should also be aware that there is no formal room available in the school solely for the purposes of such meetings. Therefore though we will endeavour to do so, we cannot guarantee complete privacy for the duration of meeting.

Parents and outside agencies who are to attend a meeting should wait in the school office in advance of the meeting. The teacher or principal will take them to an available space in which the meeting may be facilitated.

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