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Senior Infants Booklist 2022-2023


● Busy at Maths for Senior Infants (CJ Fallon)



● Phonics: Sounds Make Words Senior Infants (Folens)

● Just Handwriting Pre-cursive - Senior Infants (

● €5 towards rental of class readers *



● Explore With Me Senior Infants (Edco)



Welcome to Well-Being Book B: Good to be me with Mo & Ko



Grow in Love Senior Infants (Veritas)


Copies & other equipment:

● 3 x 15 Project Copy

● 1 x Blank Day Copy

● 2 x 20mm Sums Copy

● 1 x Scrapbook

● 2x A4 plastic folder (heavy duty for Homework)

● 4 x glue-sticks

● 2x small plastic folder A5



Pencil case, 4 triangular pencils, a pencil sharpener to fit triangular pencils,

ruler, rubber and a packet of Twistables (no markers please)

*€55 contribution towards the cost of the following:

● Rental of class readers

● Arts and Crafts

● Photocopying, Laminating

● Dabbledoo Music Programme

● Bua na Cainte Irish Programme

● Copies, Hardback books

● Classroom based Curricular Resources

● Assessment Tests

● 24/7 insurance for each pupil


E-Payment link will been sent via Aladdin. If you do not receive it please contact the office:


Books can be purchased at:

Academy Books, Southgate; Opening Minds, Laurence’s Centre Drogheda or Online

● Please label all books on front cover

● Please put your son’s name on coats, jumpers, ties, tracksuit tops, lunch boxes

● Please send in a box of tissues for classroom use

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