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-School Rules


1.Be kind and respectful to others.

2. Say "please" and "thank you".

3. Be in time for school - school commences @ 9.20am

4. Be prepared for your day. Wear full school uniform (or tracksuit on PE days) and always have the proper school materials.

5. Respect all school property and keep the school environment clean and litter free.

6. In-class work, and assigned homework, both written and oral, are expected to be completed on time and with care.

7. Allow others to do their work without interruption.

8. Any form of behaviour which interferes with the rights of others to learn and to feel safe is unacceptable.

9. Always be aware of your own safety, and that of others, when at work or at play.

10. Remember our school motto "Ár ndícheall í gconaí".

At the heart of our Code of Behaviour is an effort to reward, praise and encourage good behaviour from all pupils.

* see Code of Behaviour

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