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-Work Experience Policy

Work Experience/Teaching Practice Policy

(reviewed by BOM reps and school management Oct 2015)

This policy has been drawn up by the management team of Realt na Mara BNS. Its purpose is to best protect the needs of the children, staff and management of our school.

Transition Year Students

The school can only accept two students at any given time. Preference will be given to past pupils of the school.

SNA/Classroom Assistants/ Teaching Practice Students

Schools are very busy institutions. The school schedule may be  unpredictable. In applying for work experience/teaching practice at any time of the year we would ask you to understand that our acceptance is solely at the discretion of school management..

In the first instance, we ask that you apply in writing for a work experience position. While we will consider your application, please understand that we may not always be able to accommodate you given the needs of the school.


Discretion is extremely important.

• Access to confidential documentation-(eg reports, assessments, test results, Roll Book etc) is strictly forbidden to anyone on work experience.

• You are not permitted to discuss the school, the staff, the pupils outside the school.

• If as part of your work experience you are required to complete a report, we would ask you not to name any pupils in that report and also to submit a copy of the report to our school office.

• If any breach of our policy on discretion occurs, the school management reserve the right to an immediate termination of  your work experience.


It is the role of the teacher to discipline the pupils in his or her care. It is important that the person on work experience accept the teacher`s professional judgement in all situations.

Break Times
Your break times are as follows

10.40-10 55 am    12 noon-12 25 pm

I  have read and understood the above document and agree to comply with same for the duration of my work experience. I have discussed the need for discretion with a member of school management (The Principal, Mr O Conghaile, or Deputy Principal, Ms Burke) and I will comply with the need for discretion and confidentiality in regard to the children, and the school. If I have any concerns relating to this, or to any aspect of the child`s welfare, I will immediately discuss this with the class teacher or with a member of the school management team.I have also read and understood the school`s Child Protection Policy.



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