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Arrival & Dismissal Times

Please note that we are staggering arrival and dismissal times as follows:

Families whose surnames begin with A-E arrive at 8.50
Families whose surnames begin with F-L arrive at 9.00
Families whose surnames begin with M-Z arrive at 9.10
Buses and Junior Infants will arrive and leave at other times.

In the evening children will be exiting their classrooms as follows:

Junior Infants: 1:40pm

Senior Infants: 1:50pm

1st and 2nd Classes 2.40pm

3rd and 4th 2.45pm

5th and 6th 2.50pm

Gliondar Mara parents and children arrive and leave as you have done last year. Please also note that, as before, masks must be worn by adults when meeting a staff member.

Please observe social distancing at all times. Encourage your son to walk as much of the journey as possible to school and note that staff members will be on hand to guide your son around to the back of the school from where he will walk straight to his class.

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