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Healthy Eating Policy

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Healthy Eating Policy Bunscoil Buachaillí Réalt na Mara

(Reviewed by Pupils and Staff Bunscoil Buachaillí Réalt na Mara Jan 2015)

As part of the Social, Personal and Health Education  (S.P.H.E.) Program we encourage the children to become more aware of the need for healthy food in their lunch boxes.

In our school the pupils eat twice a day, with a small, healthy snack around `little break`time and a lunch at `big break`time.
What should not be in a healthy lunch or snack?
• Crisps
• Chocolate, sweets, lollipops
• Chewing gum
• Biscuits, pastries or doughnuts
• Chocolate spread
• Fizzy drinks

The Healthy Lunch Guidelines
What could be in a healthy lunch?
• Sandwiches or rolls with cheese, meat, fish, or other fillings.
• Pitta bread, crackers
• Fruit
• Raisins
• Vegetables (washed and chopped))
• Pasta
• Salad
• Small, plain biscuits
• Yoghurt (easy to open)

Should we make exceptions for special occasions?
• Yes, for treats after communion or confirmation
• Yes, for end of term parties
• No, for school trips (in case we get sick on the bus)
• No, we cannot have children’s birthday parties in school.

Great Healthy Lunchbox Ideas
Lots of Great & Tasty Ideas

Whole-meal muffins, raisins, scones, flapjacks, raw vegetables, fruit, seeds, dried fruit, fruit yoghurts, crackers, fromage frais or bread

Water, unsweetened fruit juices, yoghurt drinks, vegetable drinks, or smoothies

Whole-grain breads, rolls, bagels, wraps, oatcakes, crackers, pasta, rice or rice cakes.

Fillings could include: cheese, tuna, hummus, cold meats, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, peppers, coleslaw or salad.

Apple, orange, banana, grape, pear, plum, kiwi, melon, grapefruit, pineapple, strawberries, raspberries.

Raw Vegetables:
Carrots, peppers, cucumber, broccoli, tomatoes, sweetcorn, celery, salad.

The boys of  Bunscoil Buachaillí Réalt na Mara are very keen to have healthy snack and lunches and show a good understanding of what that means.  We hope these guidelines will assist everybody in making healthy choices and encourage a lifetime habit of healthy eating for your child.

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